Jeremy Taylor



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Black-and-White Calypso

Liberal Man

Somewhere in Africa (Live)

Mystery Play - I've Got My Rights (Live)

Love On The Sands (Live)



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Live in Chicago Live in Chicago

A record of Jeremy's 2005 tour of the Chicago area. Includes energized live versions of some of Jeremy's favorites, as well as performances of some of his first new material in years. Hear American audiences discover Jeremy's spirit for the first time. Released in 2005.

  1. Black & White Calypso
  2. Lift Girls' Lament
  3. Piece Of Ground
  4. Somewhere in Africa
  5. Green and Gold
  6. Masanga
  7. Republic Day Calypso
  8. A Night To Remember
  9. Hoddle Twaddle
  10. Prawns In The Game
  11. Liberal Man
  12. Love On The Sands
  13. Mystery Play (I've Got My Rights)

The Very Best of Jeremy Taylor The Very Best of Jeremy Taylor

These songs form the core of Jeremy's folk club repertoire in the sixties and seventies. Released in 1996, Prism Leisure Records.

  1. Jobsworth
  2. Dog And Partridge
  3. Vicar Of St. Brideswide's
  4. Closing Time
  5. Capitalist Dream
  6. Transplant Calypso
  7. Lift Girl's Lament
  8. Pot Song
  9. The Donkey's Charter
  10. Love On The Sands
  11. Ag Pleez Daddy
  12. Prawns In The Game
  13. Mrs. Harris
  14. Rasper Jell
  15. All Along The South Coast
  16. Windmills
  17. Liberal Man
  18. Belle Of Barnstaple
  19. Masanga
  20. Red Velvet Steering Wheel Cover Driver

Ag Pleez Deddy Ag Pleez deddy

All but four of these songs were recorded 45 years ago, testimonies of a time which will not come again. They were all banned by the SABC, since laughter and self-examination were reckoned to threaten the integrity of the State. (They probably did.) Released in 1996, FolkSound Records. (2004 Reissue)

  1. The Ballad Of The Southern Suburbs (Ag Pleez Deddy)
  2. The Ballad Of The Northern Suburbs
  3. My Doll's House [Adapted From "Marinette"]
  4. Tstosi Style
  5. Lift Girl's Lament
  6. Black-and-White Calypso
  7. Confession
  8. Hennie Van Saracen
  9. Northern Side Of Town
  10. Bonzifar The Baboon
  11. Mommy I'd Like To Be
  12. Clifton Beach
  13. Jobsworth
  14. Transplant Calypso
  15. Go For The Gap!
  16. Safe My Mate